Packing for a Family – Tips and Tricks

Packing for a family is probably one of the worst nightmares when you going on a trip.  It gets even trickier when traveling with young kids. There’s just so much to do and so much to remember.  In today’s post I will share my own tips and tricks to make packing so much more effective and fun.


I think the number one tip is to make a list.  That way you can be sure that you don’t forget anything.  I’m a very organised person and  I usually start making my lists very early on, so I would suggest you start early.  Have a list for every member of your family and cross the list off as you go along.  That way you can ensure that you will not forget anything!


I like systems and this includes when packing.  When I pack for my family, I set all the suitcases that needs to be packed out on the floor.  Usually mine and my husbands together and then each child’s suitcase after that.  I usually do this about a month before we travel and I start packing the items I can pack and at the same time cross my list off.  I found this system to be very helpful, but you can use any system that works for you.


This is helpful should your luggage get lost. Pack an item of clothing of each family member in every suitcase.  That way, no-one is left without clothing.

Pack appropriately

Before you travel, do research on the whether and the activities you are wanting to do and pack appropriately.  Try to not “over-pack”.  Keep clothing items to the minimum and pack only what is needed.  That will decrease the amount of luggage you take.

maximise your space

Try and use the space that you have available as best you can.  Packing is like a jig-saw puzzle.  Use every inch of space available to pack something by using smaller packing cubes, folders, sacs, etc. Use all the available space you have.  When you pack clothing, roll the items up so that you can fit more in your suit cases.

organise all chargers/cords in one place

Travelling with different devices can be a headache for a family.  I found a great tip is to pack all electronics and cables together in one bag.  That way everyone knows where it is and it can be found easily.

pack toys for the kids

Traveling with kids can be daunting.  Make sure you pack some toys for the kids to keep themselves busy with.  Kids also feel more secure and safe if they have their own toys with them, that way you ensure happy travels to everyone.  Please remember to keep the toy items small and compact as possible.

pack healty snacks for the kids

When traveling with kids (especially mine), it is important for me to have healthy sacks for the kids.  I typically pack stuff like nuts, dried fruit, biltong, droëwors and cheese crackers.  That way I know my child has food to nibble on and at the same time stay healthy.  If you want tips on what healthy snacks to pack for the kiddies, make sure to read a previous post of ours:  “Healthy Snack Ideas when Traveling with Little Ones”.

to summerise

If you have more tips that you would like to share with us, please do so by leaving a comment on this post.  If you find these tips helpful, please do share it with your friends and family.  If you want more similar helpful tips in the future, please make sure you follow us on our social media platforms.  You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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