All about Knysna on the Garden Route

All about Knysna. Knysna is a perfect family travel destination, about 490km from Cape Town along the famous Garden Route.  The route starts in Cape Town and runs all the way to Port Elizabeth, traveling through some of South Africa’s most beautiful landscapes. There are tons of beautiful accommodation along the route and Knysna is a “must stop” when exploring the Garden Route. Knysna was named one of the Top 100 destinations according to TripAdvisor 2008 Travellers’ Choice Destinations award.

Knysna is lined with indigenous forests, fynbos (a distinctive type of begetation found only on the southern tip of Africa.  It includes a very wide range of plant species, particularly small heather-like trees and schrubs), lakes, rivers, mountains and beautiful coastlines. With its very moderate climate, Knysna is the natural Eden of South Africa. Knysna is also known for its annual Oyster Festival ( that usually runs around May/June and cause thousands of visitors across the country and globe to set upon this beautiful town. Knysna is also home to the well known Knysna Loerie as well as the Knysna Elephant.

Here is our list of things to do when visiting Knysna:


The Knysna Heads is a channel though which the sea pours in to flood the wide and beautiful lagoon at the mouth of the Knysna River. There is a path way that one can follow that will take you all the way to the edge of the heads.  From here you will be able to marvel at the breathtaking views of the surrounded mountains and ocean. There are restaurants situated at the heads, where one can enjoy some delicious, freshly prepared sea food, while overlooking the beautiful lagoon.

Knysna Garden Route

puzzle park

Plettenberg Bay is 50km from the town of Knysna, along the N2 towards Port Elizabeth. The Puzzle Park is situated just before you reach Plettenberg Bay. If you are one that loves word games and puzzles, this is the place to visit.  Here you will find word games and puzzles for young and old alike, making it the perfect activity for the whole family. Some of the games includes two puzzle maizes., one of which is a human made 3D maize.  The aim of the game is to find your way through the maize, by solving riddles along the way. It is loads of fun for the while family. There are some wonderful prizes to be won and there is even a small maize for children as well as a jungle gym. For more information, please visit: (

sunday market

About 20km just outside of Knysna on your way to Plettenberg Bay along the N2, you will find the Sunday Market.  The market takes place every Sunday and is home to a variety of things. From jewelery, to African Art. From kids toys to cheese, bottled fruit, quilts, fresh fish and pate’s.  If you are hungry, there’s tons of food stalls to fill the hunger tummies.  You will even find a little tea garden where you can have a cup of tea/coffee with something sweet to eat. The market is only open on Sundays from about 07:00am until around 12:00pm, so make sure you are there early.

wolf sanctuary

The Sactuary is situated south of the N2, between Kysna and Plettenberg Bay.  The interactive guided tours takes you through the wolf enclosures and is truly a unique experience that allows you to get really close and personal with these creatures.  If you are liked and lucky, you could even get a gentle kiss from the semi tame wolf, Nalea.  You will also find friendly wolf dogs and husky’s.  You will also meet the various different “Wolf Packs”, wolf dogs, husky’s and Jackals in separate spacious enclosures.  You will be able to interact with the variety of farmyard animals and the touchfarm.  If you are hungry, there’s even a small restaurant that offers lovely breakfasts and other light meals.  Yet, another great activity for the whole family.

For more information on operating hours and fees, please visit their website.

Knysna, Garden Route

knysna waterfront

Knysna, Garden Route

The Knysna Waterfront is a popular hotspot for tourists and locals alike, known and loved for its leisure activities, dining and spectacular views.  It is also a shopaholic’s delight, as there is a number of fabulously unique shops to art galleries and specialty stores that caters or the needs and preferences of just about anyone.

The Knysna Waterfront is also home to the Knysna Quays, which is the residential part of the waterfront, offering accommodation to visitors.

The Waterfront is also the departure point for a number of yachts and cruising vessels that take visitors out of the lagoon and showcase the splendour of the Western Cape.  Simply watching these boats drift on the water while sipping a cold beer is tranquil in itself.

The life-size bronze stature of Bondi is always a treat to see.  This English Bulldog was known for visiting Knysna on the HMS Verbena during the 1920’s and 1930’s.  He was a resident on this ship and loved by its passengers.  However, in 1931, he followed them onto shore and died of a heatstroke.  They buried him on Thesen Island, and his statue remains as a reminder of his brave “sailor”.

picnic on leisure isle

Why not end the day off with a sunset picnic on Leisure Isle.  The lagoon is perfectly situated to provide visitors with views of the famous Knysna Heads which jut majestically out into the lagoon on the one side and the sea on the other. Laze on the beach and watch the sailboats and ferries across the blue waters. You can also take the opportunity to walk or cycle around the 4km island perimeter.  The perfect way to end an eventful day with the whole family.

to summerise

This is just a small list of many activities to do in Knysna. When planning to visit Knysna, we suggest you stay in Knysna for at least a week to be able to appreciate all that this small town has to offer.  For more information of the town of Knysna and the surrounds, please visit: (

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